Yes Pa Video Library

Please take the time to view Fred's brief introduction then browse our videos including:

Fred Sarkis : Brief Introduction
An introduction to his goals with a personal invitation to browse the web site and download the free Yes Pa program materials. (~1 min)

Going back in time with Yes Pa
Fred's prison truck from age eight to twelve. Narrated by a nine-year old girl, it brings alive Fred's winter prison truck, the kerosene lamp which kept him warm in the winter, the public market where Fred's Pa bought his fruits and vegetables. It reflects Fred's achievements in life related to just three powerful five-minute lessons he learned on his Pa's truck at age 12. (~28 min)

Video Testimonials for Specific Programs

City School Programs
Principal, teachers, school psychologist, sixth grade students and parents in Rochester, NY. And parents, wherever you live, if you view the video, and take one hour to read the Yes Pa book, you will see how it connects you chapter by chapter with your child. As the enthusiastic teacher in this video says, "It is Free and it Works". (~11 min)
Correctional Institutions
Video proof of the flexibility of the Yes Pa program combined with the Corrections' Resource Guide. It works. Fred turned his childhood prison into a study center. Prisoners have a choice. They can either sulk or turn their prison into a study center. (~14 min)
Mentoring Programs
Yes Pa is indeed flexible. In partnership with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program of Rochester, Professionals testify to the success of the Yes Pa in their mission. (~10 min)

Video Endorsements from Professionals

Danny Wegman, Government Officials, Regional and National Character Education Teachers
Verify the impact the Yes Pa program has on kids and adults. (~9 min)
Dr. Thomas Lickona
Developmental Psychiatrist and Professor of Education at SUNY Cortland. (~1.5 min)
Mr. William Locke
Arkport Central Schools (~1 min)

Videos of Fred at Schools and Youth Programs

Wegmans Summer Camp
Four short clips including the fun-filled Clown Act where Fred turns his high-wire failure into success and three short stories learned on his father's prison-truck that changed his life at age twelve. How to be enthusiastic in what you say or do. (~7 min)
Clara Barton School
The attention of the sixth students in this inner city school speaks for itself. This talk was given after the reading of the Yes Pa book. (~18 min)
First Rap Song
Fred at the Clara Barton School assembly of students, parents and educators performing his first rap song (~1.5 min)