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  • Yes Pa book in English or Spanish
  • Teacher Resource Guide
  • Corrections Resource Guide
  • Printing & Computer Smart Board Instructions

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About the Free Yes Pa Downloads

The right to print the program includes the right to print quantities of the Yes Pa book.

Questions at the end of each Yes Pa chapter involve the student, teacher, parent or mentor. This three-pronged approach, outlined in a 6-week program, allows reasonable time to encourage critical dialog between all 3.

In addition to meeting State Standards in English, Language and Arts, the Resource Guides offer a multitude of activities that enhance the character messages in Yes Pa. At the end, a free 30-minute DVD video, "Going back in time with Yes Pa", with emphasis on the three 5-minute conversations Fred had with his warden-father, reinforce the positive lessons in the Yes Pa book.

This 6-week, 4-step program is research-proven to be very successful in middle schools, and mentors in youth programs, including prisons for youthful offenders. In the study of ethics, Yes Pa is also now being embraced by colleges and universities. It is also fast becoming an important segment in International Character Education Programs.

The Recommended 4 Steps

Step 1 - Download the Free Yes Pa book and Resource Guide. The Guides are flexible and spares the teacher significant time in the preparation process.

Step 2 - Seek advice of your printer on the lowest cost approach for printing multiple copies or read the PDF copy on school computers, video screens, or smart boards.

Step 3 - The program is most effective when students are allowed to take a copy home. One chapter at a time, the student asks the parent for 20 minutes of quality time to read and discuss questions at the end of each chapter. Over the six-week program, there are only 11 chapters. This is less than four hours of parental involvement for the entire book. The lessons in Yes Pa are also a helpful learning experience for parents and teachers in their own lives.

Step 4 - We highly recommended bringing Fred into the classroom or into your home. Take advantage of school videos or smart board technology.